Resilience EP

Black Lotus - Resilience EP - 2018.jpg
Black Lotus - Resilience EP - 2018.jpg

Resilience EP


12" Limited Edition Vinyl | FLASH Recordings

Massive kick drums and relentless rhythmic elements, accompanied by a characteristic old school approach dominate Black Lotus’ debut on FLASH Recordings and deliver an alluring trip into her mind.

While the Berliner sharpens her profile with this solid four track EP, she also allows to explore a glimpse of the sheer endless expanses of her futuristic vision in music.

Black Lotus beams you straight into a galactic journey by unfolding her raw, repetitive and pounding drums right with her very first track ‘Resilience’.

Constant yet elastic bleeps from interstellar dimensions set the listener out of space and time. Synthesizers scream into this dynamic, escapist scenery, when the heavy hitting and sharp percussive elements send one through imaginary rooms of speed, circulation and contrast.

With tangible elegance the record continues along the entrancing textures of ‘In Abundance’, where the dreamy experience takes the next level of deepness. Ever-evolving sounds travel and float amongst the rich and dense resonating pads, giving an ethereal touch.

The edgy remix of ’Geometry’ injects energy and intensity and lets the heart pump at over 140 bpm before easing into the less intricate Original Mix, portraying her final vortex into the Black Lotus Hole.

Liquid mind-trip techno with a stable formula at its best, featuring a stormy modular interpretation from label boss Florian Meindl.

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releases January 15, 2019 


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