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Black Lotus X Flash Recordings




Born in the city of madness,

Berlin home-based autodidact Black Lotus encounters her passion for science and arts at a very young age, what quickly leads her onto the path of a multimedia artist and explorer. The multipotentialite works internationally for years, colliding with a wide spectrum in her profession:

Music, art direction, photography, acting, the design of fashion, jewellery and graphics, visual and performing art, electrical engineering and agriculture.

Since 2016 she involves in the production and design of electronic music. Her debut on Flash Recordings in 2018 shows her main focus lying on deep and trippy, hypnotic and transportive, yet dirty and industrial space sounds.

Bookings at the infamous Berlin techno clubs Griessmühle, KitKat and Suicide Circus, at the Goethebunker in Essen, as well, as gigs at Feel Festival and her residency at the Golden Gate Club have triggered her popularity amongst techno enthusiasts and local ravers quickly.

Her shows are relentless, expressionistic and intense, yet hypnotic and aesthetic in their nature. One can always expect a magical journey curated through a variety of mind-altering sequences.

Black Lotus makes a great transitory pass in her auditory journey reaching from Classic, Jazz, Hip Hop and Rap over Trance and Electro, along Electronica, Ambient & EBM to Deep- and Tech-House, following a long period of Minimal and Acid to merciless Techno, Drone and Experimental now.


Manni Dee - Cameron on a Guillotine (Black Lotus´Clap Mix)

by Black Lotus